★ custom silver Bangle Bangle silver plated 925 Silver with 4 prints custom Palilo ★ ★


A beautiful silver ring simple and classy to customize to make a unique jewel!

Silver plated Bangle Bracelet 925 (6.5 cm) to slip your wrist accessorized with 4 beautiful medals silver personalized with engraving of your choice (engraving front up to 11 characters)

You want to add more charms personalized with your bracelet: Add the option to your cart as many times as you want: https://www.alittlemarket.com/bracelet/fr_option_supplement_pour_1_breloque_medaille_avec_gravure_personnalisee_petit_modele_15_mm_bijoux_palilo_-16171126.html
When ordering, please indicate the desired ;-) engraving

Comes in a nice little package ♥

Priced singly / Ribbon Liberty and gri-gri silver not included

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